Monday, March 30, 2009

A Ten-Cent Superfecta Favorite Bet of Mine

These days where can you get a return on ten cents? The ten cent superfecta is certainly one place to look. I have heard from a number of people that it is hard for them to structure a ten cent superfecta bet. I have suggested to a number of my horse betting friends an approach that has a simple structure and at the same time has a fairly high probability of success.

If you play the horses even occasionally you can usually pick one or two horses in some races that look, in form, a head or two above the other horses in the race. Using this piece of information you can structure a ten cent superfecta that is inexpensive yet has a good chance of paying off.

I will label these two horses 1 and 2. Let's assume there are 10 horses in the race you have chosen. A simple ten cent superfecta structure would be 1,2/1,2/all/all. This bet would cost you $11.20. If there were 9 horses in the race it would cost you $8.40. These are inexpensive bets but they do include all of the horses in the race and if you are correct about your top two picks then your superfecta will payoff. Further, if the horse that shows and the horse that comes in 4th are long shots then the payoff could be very rewarding.

For those of you just trying the ten cent super for the first time this bet can get you started and give you some experience beyond just placing win and place bets or even exactas with your top two choices in a race.

Good luck.