Monday, March 12, 2012

The Spring Quarterhorse Meet at Remington Park 2011

The Spring Quarterhorse Meet at Remington Park has begun on March 2nd. The first few days have been devoted mostly to qualifying trials for the upcoming stakes races. The 2 year olds have been competing at 300 yards for the Oklahoma Futurity. The 3 year olds have been competing at 350 yards for the Oklahoma Derby.

This meet we're going to be keeping track of some of the statistics related to our success last year with side-by-side betting that we have concentrated on in the past. I'll also be looking in this meet for horses that will be hooking up as side-by-side pairs as well as three or four horses that may be hooking up to create a race within a race. We'll be looking for ways to detect these patterns. Hopefully, the frequency will occur often enough to make the patterns of this type betting profitable. I'll be reporting on this as the meet proceeds and I'll give you some statistics to show the results.

It will also be important this time to show how to preserve your betting capital by detecting those races to avoid. This is as important as finding those races that will be profitable.


In the first 18 racing days of the 2011 Quarter Horse meet there have been 51 side-by-side bet results.  This is on average 2.83 side-by-side bet results per day. The average exacta payoff is $64.70. G R Carter was involved with either the win or place position of the side-by-side bet 17 out of 51 times. That's one third of the
time. Carter's average exacta payoff was $47.41. His highest exacta payoff was
$144.80 and the lowest was $7.80.

If Jimmy Brooks, and Larry Payne were included then 60% of the side-by-side bet
payouts involved these three. 6 out of 51 were Black Swan results. The average
Black Swan payout was $172.23.

The results for the first 17 days are found at this link.

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