Tuesday, July 29, 2008

10 Cent Superfecta Poll Results

My 10 Cent Superfecta Poll has been on my blog for a couple of months now and the final results are now in.

What is your success with the 10 cent superfectas?

Over 100% net gain 7%
50 to 100% net gain 13%
0 to 50% net gain 40%
negative net gain 40%
Total 100%

The results are very encouraging to me. 20% of the horseplayers participating in my poll are getting a net gain of 50% or more. 60% of those using the 10 cent superfecta are making money on the bet. It's the small time bettor that is using this bet (the high rollers use $2 superfectas that can run into hundreds and thousands of dollars) and it certainly seems from the poll results that 60% have found a way to make some money.

I have a new poll that will run for a couple of months. What is your success with the Pick 3?

See the side panel on my blog. Let me know how you are doing with your pick 3's.

Thanks to all who have participated.