Monday, December 10, 2007

Exotic Bets: The 10 Cent Superfecta

What is a superfecta? Why the 10 cent superfecta? A superfecta is a wager where the bettor, inorder to win, must pick the first four finishers in a race in the correct order. Just a couple of years ago the minimum bet on a superfecta was a $2 wager. This was a bet that only the high roller could afford to play. Consider a superfecta box of only four horses where any of the 4 horses could come in 1,2,3,4 as long as it included these four horses. The cost of this $2 superfecta box is $48. If you boxed 5 horses the cost would be $240. A $2 superfecta box of 6 horses would cost $720. Not many horse players would place these bets because they are outside the normal horseplayers bank roll.

Beside the high rollers with large bankrolls, only groups of players each putting in part of the money to cover the bet would be common. This would keep the cost of the bet down for each of the players.

Now comes the $1 superfecta. Some tracks now offered the $1 superfecta. This brought in more players to the superfecta pool. Although it reduced the cost 1/2 it still was not a bet for the ordinary horseplayer with a $200 bankroll. Then about a year ago the 10 cent superfecta was introduced and there was an immediate increase in the superfecta pool. Here was a bet that the ordinary horseplayer could now afford and it was attractive to him. For a 10 cent superfecta you could now box 4 horses for $2.40, or box 5 horses for $12, and even box 6 horses for $36. The payoffs for 10 cent superfectas can be very rewarding for a very modest cost. I have seen at my local track payoffs as high as $8000. However, even payoffs of $50 to $200 are very common and an attractive return for the horseplayer.

Check with your favorite track to see if the 10 cent superfecta is available. Not all tracks offer this bet. For 10 cent superfecta betting strategies check out Paul Lambrakis ' and Bill Winter's .

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