Saturday, April 26, 2008

More on the 10-cent Superfecta

In my previous article I had results from just one track, Beulah Park. In my continuing research on the superfecta I have used two other tracks, Keeneland and Tampa Bay, because they tend to have a larger field of horses in all of their races and you can bet the 10-cent superfecta in each race. Most of the other tracks have just selected races where they offer the 10-cent superfecta bet. Also, after studying the results for superfectas for a couple of weeks the payoffs are much larger at Keeneland and Tampa Bay.

I have put together an analysis that gives some insight as to how to structure a 10-cent superfecta bet so the probabilities are in your favor. Click on the link below and take a few minutes to study the analysis summary I have put into a table.

Notice from the analysis that 84% of the time that the top 6 ranked profit line (PL) horses will be in the superfecta. Take note that the top 3 ranked horses will place more often than win. Using this information let's structure a preferred bet that will give us an edge and keep the bet to $18. So you will understand my notation PL1 stands for the number 1 ranked profit line horse. PL2 stands for the second ranked profit line horse. And so on. ALL6 equals PL1,PL2,PL3,PL4,PL5,PL6.

Our Preferred Bet then is ALL6/PL1,PL2,PL3/ALL6/ALL6.

As an example if PL1=horse#6, PL2=horse#9, PL3=horse#3, PL4=horse#2, PL5=horse#7, PL6=horse#1 then the preferred bet would be


May good fortune come your way.

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Mike Eliason said...

I just made $83 at Colonial this evening using this method. Thanks a lot!

Super Dimes said...

Take a look at the Structures here